Hi friends 

here are some of the useful home made face packs, for your delicate skin to make it even more beautiful
so here i go...
1. Raw unboiled milk is a good moisturizer and also helps you to lighten up tanned skin.
2. Ice is another great pick me up for the skin. Rub a cube of ice all over face and neck It's close all open pores and leave your skin tingly and fresh .
3. Grate a potato and a cucumber put them into a juicer and apply the liquid all over your face.
4. Acidic fruits like oranges and lemon are best for oily skin squeeze out the juice and apply it evenly all your face if that cause your skin to burn , you can dilute the lime or orange juice with water, it will close all your pores and if you apply the liquid at regular intervals, it will also help in making your blemishes lighter.
5. You can also mix multani mitti (Fullerton  earth) with water and apply on your T-Zone. It works very well and absorbs excess oil  effortlessly. After you have washed off the multani mitti (Fullerton  earth) pack. you can apply raw unboiled milk all over your face.