Saturday, December 25, 2010


1. 10 Bread Slices
2. 200gm Condense Milk
3. Oil For Deep Fry
4. 2 tbs Desiccated Coconut
5. 20 Almonds, 20 Cashews, 20 Pistachio(in no.s), Coarsely Grinned Altogether

1.Cut the bread slice in round with the help of a cutter or any mould of round shape.
2.Make another little hole in the center of slice(with any bottle cap).
3.Deep fry the slices. 
4.To strain off the extra oil, place it on an absorbent towel.
5.Pour condense milk on a flat plate and dip the ringlets from both the sides.
6.Mix desiccated coconut and crushed dry fruits.
7.Coat the ringlets with the mixture from both the sides, refrigerate it for half an hour and serve. 

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