Friday, January 10, 2014

Leftover Idli Pakoda

Here is an interesting and tasty twist to the  leftover idlis. These crispy idli fritters make a quick n crunchy tea time snack. Serve piping hot with tomato ketchup and green chutney.


Leftover idlis                              4 to 5
Besan/Chickpeas flour               one cup
Red chilli powder                        1/4 tsp 
Turmeric powder                       a pinch
Ajwain                                        1/4 tsp 
Oil                                            for deep frying
Salt                                          as per taste   


Cut each idli into four equal pieces and keep aside.
Combine besan, salt, ajwain , turmeric powder and red chilli powder in a mixing bowl.
Add the water slowly to make a smooth thick  batter. Mix well. Heat sufficient oil in a deep bottom pan. 
Dip each piece of idli in batter till it is evently coated from all the sides, slide in hot oil and deep fry on a medium flame till they turn golden brown in colour and crisp from all sides. Drain on absorbent paper. Serve. Enjoy!!!