Friday, March 22, 2013

An End to Split Ends

The best part in women that adorns her is hair. Long, lustrous and silky smooth hair just adds on to her beauty and provides a grace to her persona.

Love Dove  !
Well indeed I do. And to justify my statement I must state that Dove was introduced to me in my early twenties, as a gift from my overseas maternal aunt. Since then I am sharing my bathroom with Dove in every possible way. From soap to shampoo, body wash to conditioner; trust me dove is all around my place. I wonder that day is no far when I’ll start swearing on the brand.
Well never mind, I too have a braid tale which is a three generation story, revolves around me, of course, my mother and my daughter.

Once upon a time, there was a school girl whose mother was obsessed with her hair care, more than she was. Every day without a miss the mother used to oil girl’s hair, which was till her waist line, air tight braids were made and the thickness of those two braids individually was as of a metal rod. You bet they were pretty thick and I know so because those were my braids. Every girl used to envy me for my thick and long black hair. School girls used to ask me the secret behind my beautiful braids, was nothing rare. Those were pretty good happy days for me. But one day what I saw, enemy of hair! And it was no alien force. They were my own hair. Their ends! Yes the spilt ends! I was worried and heart broken. These split ends were new to me and this new was no good. I could do nothing to get rid of these dirty ends. And being candle therapy the only solution in those days, I had to go for same. Irrespective of me hating the candle therapy because I was vulnerable and scared, that what if some accident happen, what if the therapy goes wrong? What if the therapist is not a pro? What if I had to cut short my length due to failure in therapy? There were so many what if’s , but I was helpless. I was still proud of my tresses, but deep down somewhere I had a glitch against these ugly ends

Today, those tresses are gone. But what I have is a daughter. Just like my mother she is obsessed with her hair care. But her techniques are a lot different as of my mother’s back in those days. She has shoulder length hair, which is according to her is the best length to keep one’s hair healthy and nourished. Any length below this will lead to loss in nourishment and dry and dead ends. But just like every other girl she craves for long tresses. I have seen her going lala over my length after seeing my pictures when I had long tresses. With a fear of spilt ends, she is afraid to grow them long, thus she opt for frequent hair cut, which leads to length till shoulder. While she wish to grow her hair longer than mine.

The other day I was watching T.V and my cookery show was interrupted with commercials, when suddenly Dove Split End Rescue system ad flashed on screen. At first I was thinking if this could actually happen? And I was left thinking should I order this product or not? What if this just another false claim by advertisers? Despite being doubtful, I made up my mind to use it once. And I applied for these samples.
Just after a few washes difference was identified. The bottles were soon emptied. I can say my loyalty towards Dove has finally paid off by introducing this new product.

P.S. I miss Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo in my own time. As the saying goes, it’s always better to be late, than never.

P.S. This is no a fiction, but one dramatized chapter of my life. I proudly say Love Dove, not just because I do, but as it is so worth it.


  1. Que importantes es cuidar el cabello tiempo atrás se partió por el strés es muy bueno el que recomiendas lo usé,hugs,hugs.

  2. I can only get rid of split ends by trimming. Pro naturals argan oil hair mask helps make your hair stronger, I use it after trimming split ends from my hair.