Thursday, August 23, 2012

Achaari Bread Roll

Bread rolls are very common in our households. Today I'm sharing a little bit different.  These bread rolls are the perfect addition to any tea party and pickle masala adds a unique taste.


Cottage Cheese                                          250 gms
Bread Slices                                               6-8
Ready Mango Pickle Masala                    2 Tbsp
Chopped Cilantro                                      1 Tbsp
Roasted and Coarsely ground Peanuts    2 Tbsp
Oil                                                             For deep frying


* Strain the oil from mango pickle masala and set aside.
* Trim the pieces of bread slices and keep aside.
* Mash the paneer and add peanuts, chopped cilantro and strained mango pickle masala. Mix very nicely.
* Take broad bowl of water for wetting the bread.
* Now dip one slice of bread in water for a second, then squeeze out the the excess water between your          palms.
* Place little amount of stuffing in the center of the moist bread and roll it. Prepare the other rolls in the same manner.
* Heat sufficient oil in a deep fry pan. Deep fry the achaari bread rolls on medium heat till golden brown in color. Serve hot with imli ki chutney and a cup of tea. Enjoy!!


  1. wow delicious rolls,luks very tempting...

  2. Very innovative and sure it will makes addictive to its taste..

  3. Hi Deeksha, love achari taste with paneer...... nice idea!!

  4. Wow am in love with this achaari bread roll..feel like having some.

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  6. wow, very nice. will try for my doter..

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  8. So simple...yet out of this world and that touch of a little mango pickle does the trick. I am a big mango fan. When the season is ripe, I use mango in each dish and also make enough jam and jellies to last through till the next season. On that note, have you checked out the new video from Jumpin? On each share Jumpin will donate some money to Save the Children NGO towards education for poor kids. Sharing the video here, do pool in: http://bit.ly/jumpinNaniVsNaani.