Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Redolent Home Indeed

Every evening, I reach my front door and let out a sigh of relief at the sight of my beautiful home. On a day just like any other, I stand in my front yard shuffling through my purse for my house keys, when a few things tumble out. As I bend down to pick up my lip-balm that has rolled to the edge of a potted plant placed at my doorstep, I smell the sweet fragrance of the roses that elegantly droop on its side. I am transported far back in time- to the times when I was a carefree and chirpy little girl who couldn't help but play in her grandmother’s garden all day long. That was the first time when I smelled the ambrosial pink roses, and when I finally bought this house, I decided to plant them right on my doorstep.  
I finally get a hold of my keys and open the front door. My big beautiful German shepherd, Simba, rushes over and enthusiastically greets me with a juicy lick across my cheek. I hug the big animal and smell his brown and white fur. He sure does smell pleasant after the big bath we gave him on the weekend! I immediately think of the pungent odor that had set in my home because of his damp and muddy paws. It took nearly 2 days to get rid of the strong and outdoorsy stink!

In my reminiscence I realize the huge number of scents that I associate with my home. The smell of onions being fried for a delicious tadka for my dal is one of my most favorite and savory smells.
When we first bought this house, it smelled of freshly polished wood and paint and every time we re-paint the walls, it brings me back to that moment when I first took a whiff of my new home in 2003. Every morning, my husband lights an incense stick and does his customary pooja in our small mandir next to the kitchen. The sweet smell spreads pleasantly in my home and gives it a refreshing and heart-warming scent.

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